23 Low Calorie Snack Ideas to Keep You on Track

23 Low Calorie Snack Ideas to Keep You on Track

23 Snack Ideas to Keep You on TrackYou decided to take control of your health. Maybe you’re following a weight loss program… there are a ton of them out there. Some that converts foods into a “point” system, others that provide pre-determined meals in trays that are heated up when needed, or others (like my preferred nutrition program) that make detoxing your body (and taste buds) and getting rid of cravings easy and convenient.  Regardless of how you’ve decided to move forward to a healthier you, the main meals are always considered first; they, in many ways, are the easier thing to figure out.  But what about the in between times?

In the beginning of a nutritional change, your body might fight to keep its “norm” until it realizes that you’re giving it exactly what it needs to function optimally and allows the “norm” to change. While you look forward to the main meal times and the nutrition that comes along with it, you likely are taking in a lower amount of calories than you usually do. So the question becomes, how do you keep on track with your nutritional program and health goals AND keep your metabolism going while continuing to fuel your body in between the meals? Snacks of course. But what snacks? Which will be appropriate, give you energy, maintain a higher metabolism and have a relatively low caloric content…Yes, choosing the right one is key.

Through the help of one of my groups associated with my nutrition program (thank you), I’m sending you off with a list of 10 suggested 100 calorie snacks to keep you going:

13 Snack Ideas for around 100 calories each

Maybe those 10 aren’t quite enough for you? If you need a little more, try these 13 suggested 200 calorie snacks:
200 Calorie Snack Ideas To Keep You Going

You can click on these images and save them to your desktop, print them, or bookmark or pin this page for future quick reference. Whatever you choose to do, know that you do have choices for keeping yourself on track with your nutritional program.

What is your favorite snack in between meals?


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