Essential Oil Candle DIY – Use These Candles for Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Candle DIY – Use These Candles for Aromatherapy

I used to make candles. In my life before kids. Before marriage. You know… when I had time.

4 easy steps to make your own essential oil candleIt was, seemingly, a longer process. I recall potsand pans about. A mess of kettles of melted wax that seemed to spout and spew, intentionally dotting my stovetop and counters.  The cleanup hardly seemed worth it. Needless to say, I invested only a small portion of my bachelorette life to candle making. I just didn’t have time for the set up, making and cleanup. Not when I could go down the street and buy a candle. HA! Time… if I only knew what it would be like years later.

The idea came to me now out of no where. I hadn’t been contemplating it. Certainly hadn’t been thinking about it. Yet here I was, in our local craft store getting the few things I needed for candle making. Wax. Wicks. That’s it. I knew I had metal pots or something laying around I could use to melt the wax in (cue the extra glass coffee pot) and already have tons of glass jars (I do make scrubs etc after all)… so I was off.

Now there’s a number of sites that will give you tons of steps and things to look out for. That’s great… except, I don’t have that time I talked about before. So, I’ll give you 4 easy steps to making your own. And here you go:

    • Beeswax.
      • I prefer to use wax that is white (though I used yellow for this batch) and non-soy (only because we have a soy allergy in our home). You can purchase these in bulk, in bricks or in small pebbles. I find the small pebbles are easiest to to melt.
    • Wicks.
    • Glass Jar / Container for the candle
    • A metal / glass melting pot you won’t mind donating to the candle-making cause
    • Wooden spoon to mix / stir your melting beeswax
    • Essential Oils
      • You want to choose oils that will help you with your goal. Are you looking for relaxation? Are you looking for invigoration, focus, sleep (don’t leave your candles unattended), keeping bugs away or something else?
  2. Melt the Beeswax for your essential oil DIY candleMELT THE BEESWAX:
    • Measurement is difficult here because of the form of your wax (brick / pebble) and the jar size you’ll be filling. Experimentation is key. I found that having extra jars on hand just in case, made sense.
    • Place your desired amount of wax inside your melting vessel. Be sure to stir with your wooden spoon until the beeswax has been melted into a pure liquid state.
  3. PREPARE YOUR JAR:Prepare your jar for your essential oil DIY candle
    • While the beeswax is melting, you can prepare your vessel. Place your wick in the center of your jar. Some jars will need more than one wick depending upon the size of the vessel; you will have to use your good judgment.
    • Many wicks with metal bases are sticky at the bottom to keep it centered. If you aren’t using this (or even if you are), try wrapping the top of the wick around a pencil (you may have to use tape to keep the wick on the pencil).
    • Have your essential oils chosen and close by. You’ll want to add them while the wax is at the hottest liquid state.
  4. FINAL STEP-POUR THE WAX:Pour Beeswax and add essential oil for your essential oil DIY candle
    • Be careful with pouring the wax; use safety precautions for handling the vessel and managing any spills. If you use something like the coffee pot that I did, you’ll obviously want to use the pour spout.
    • Quickly add the wax to your candle vessel while the wax is hot. If you have wax remaining, place it back on the warm stovetop to keep the wax from solidifying.Cool the candle for your essential oil DIY candle
    • Immediately after adding the wax to your candle jar, add drops of the essential oils you’ve chosen.Use the wooden spoon to mix and stir to ensure the oils are dispersed evenly. If you see whitish or a solidifying mass when adding the oils, your wax is cooling.
    • How much essential oils should you use?  A good rule of thumb… use enough until you’re overwhelmed with the oil scent… then add a little more. 🙂
    Let your candle cool completely.

    • Trim your wick to about 1/2 inch.
    • Enjoy.

Enjoy your essential oil DIY candle


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