How to Use Essential Oils • The Basics

How to Use Essential Oils • The Basics 2016-11-28T19:26:00+00:00

Just as fashion styles make their rounds to return again (I’m loving the 70’s look though I’m not sure how I’ll pull it off), I believe we, as a society, are returning to the basics.

However, in truth, we are all so far out of practice and new innovations have developed on how we support our systems, leaving the basics needing to be reviewed. More in-depth information can be found throughout this site. Here, we’ll look at the 3 Ways to Use Essential oils and 10 Basic Rules of Essential Oils.

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils_MOTM

Topical Application of Essential OilsTOPICALLY: Essential oils can be applied topically. Some may require mixing with a few drops of fractionated coconut oil when trying to cover a larger area or especially for children. Massage in for 30 seconds– to get blood flowing & not lose any to evaporation. Rubbing on bottom of feet is always a good place because of large pores. Be aware of the “hot oils” that may sting or burn, so be careful where you apply. ALWAYS PATCH TEST ANY NEW OILS ON YOUR WRIST. Keep them away from your eyes or sensitive spots. If you get oil in your eyes, or on your skin just rub a little fractionated coconut oil around or over the area.

Internal Consumption of Essential OilsINTERNALLY: Opinions vary widely when it comes to using essential oils internally. Some say absolutely not ever, others say it depends on the brand and the oil. For the brand that I prefer, it is though that some essential oils can be used internally by swelling a few drops with a small amount of water, placing a drop on the roof of your mouth, placing a drop under your tongue, gargling, or in capsule form with a few drops of fractioned coconut oil in the capsule. Be sure to do your research with the brand of essential oils you’re using, what the methods of use they suggest are, and by connecting with your health care practitioner before deciding if using oils internally is for you. Please use EXTREME caution when considering using essential oils with children internally.

Aromatic Use of Essential OilsAROMATICALLY: ALL of my preferred brand of essential oils can be used aromatically. This is done by placing a few drops of your selected oil into a diffuser. You can find these to purchase through your preferred brand, my preferred brand, on Amazon and in other stores. Diffusers that can be used at the office, at home, at school. Be careful which diffuser you use. Select a good quality, heat-free diffuser. You can also use an auto diffuser, if you’re spending time in your car, motor homes, etc. Do NOT use essential oils in your plastic humidifier that is not designated for essential oils. Additionally, not all oils are appropriate for aromatherapy.



  1. The key with oils is to use LESS OIL, MORE OFTEN. There are specific dosage recommendations depending upon reason for use, who is using it and what oils are being combined.
  2. Your feet are always a great location to apply the oils. Your body knows how to direct the oils to go to where they are best needed. The oils are within your blood stream within seconds, and can affect your whole body within 20 minutes.
  3. It is important to keep your oils out of extreme temperatures and out of direct sunlight.
  4. As with any medicines, prudence is advised. Some oils work better for different people.
  5. When using essential oils with children and pregnant women, a little extra caution is advised. Be sure to consult your health care practitioner for guidance.
  6. With citrus oils, caution is advised in sunlight, as they are photosensitive.
  7. Oils, blends and DIYs (scrubs etc) should always be stored in gas containers. The oils are potent and will break down plastics, including low grade plastics of water bottles (think a drop of lemon in your water bottle).
  8. Do NOT apply oils directly to the eyes or within the ear canals. Be certain to wash your hands thoroughly and be aware of what you touch. For instance, your eyes, around your eyes, the inside of your nose, other mucous membrane areas and the genital areas are quite sensitive. Should you leave an oils such as peppermint on your hands, all of those areas would experience extreme burn
  9. Essential oils are flammable. Be sure to keep them away from open flames and other fire hazards.
  10. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Treat essential oils with care. These can be extremely harmful if large quantities of the wrong oil is consumed

Look for more information to follow, or simply search this site for “essential oils”.

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