Nutritional Cleansing – Why I Made My Choice

Nutritional Cleansing – Why I Made My Choice

Isagenix Nutritional CleansingI’m not going to hide it, I’m an consultant for Isagenix! Before you finish that grumble, let me tell you why…. because the truth is, I was NOT a believer before Isagenix. I went into it having experienced weight watchers before. Having had ‘shakes’ before. Knowing that people think that when you feel like you want 10-15 pounds lost, you shouldn’t *need* a “program” to get you there. That good ‘ol fashion clean eating and exercise would do the trick. But the truth is, that’s not necessarily the truth.Nutritional Cleansing is as easy as Isagenix

After months of not taking my friend up on trying Isagenix, I finally decided I need to try something. I wasn’t going to use auto ship (big mistake) but I was going to try it… because… I needed to. I was 42, completely foreign in my skin, I didn’t have nearly enough energy to make it through the day, I napped all the time, I couldn’t keep up with our kids or our family’s schedule. I was unmotivated and simply not living the life I wanted. AND, the worst part… I wasn’t fitting into my Miss Me jeans anymore. NOOOOOO! Anything but that!!!

A very short time later, the first thing I noticed was… that I was happy. Simply. Happy. Energized. After a couple weeks, the cravings were gone, the hunger was “managed” (really you’re supported to eat all the time so the hunger should not be a problem). I soon released 15 pounds. I felt sexier. I could keep up with the family and our schedule. I had’t even realized that I has stopped napping. STOPPED. I even was motivated to move my body and start exercising.

That’s right. It was a few weeks, I was 15 pounds down, more energized, happy… AND I HADN’T EXERCISED. Yet, my muscles were more tone. Which I have to tell you was good… because I could jiggle better than the best! But, I could only imagine what would have happened if I HAD exercised! I hadn’t even thought about starting to take photos of my scale progress (I’m not really a “before” and “after” type of gal) but I started at 148 lbs. After I lost 5 pounds, it finally dawned on me that THIS WAS WORKING!

Isagenix Before and AfterMy goal was 15 pound. I had attained it. Without torture. With good nutrition. Supplementing with healthy snacks and a great meal, and I made my goal. Maintenance began and it was as simple as eating healthy and replacing just one meal a day with an Isagenix designed shake that gave me the same nutrition as 3 plated organic meals.

Stress happened (a list of things that would spin you into a black hole). I fell off the wagon. And now I’m jumping back on. And that’s okay. It happens to all of us and so… life is good.

In the end, I’m happy that knowing I’ll be able to feel good and energized in no time. My body will thank me for the gluten free, soy free, non-GMO nutrition that is sourced from an environment completely devoid of pesticides, herbicides, hormones and steroids. And most importantly I’m happy knowing that my jeans won’t have to be sold with a newer, larger pair being purchased in their place.

Because that can get expensive!

So what do you use when you need to get back to you? Are you ready to get BACK to you?!?

Full Disclosure: I am an Isagenix Consultant. Not only do I have the pleasure of consuming healthy, pure nutrition that actually tastes good and helps me lose weight, maintain weight and build muscle, but I also get to represent them. Which means they PAY ME for recommending them. When’s the last time a movie producer thanked and paid you for recommending their movie?!? And why wouldn’t I recommend Isagenix to someone that could benefit from their nutrition? It works! If you’re interested in getting to a healthier you with Isagenix OR if you’re interested in the business opportunities they offer, please contact me. Otherwise, you just get to hear me blab about how good it is and one day, when you do try, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.


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